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Our experienced and successful management team is committed to wood and wood machines, equipment trading needs. Our primary goal is to help our clients determine the right strategies to understand and meet the wood processing market needs and maximize their performance by using the right decision, product, services and with the right organizational structure. We are Turkish based and located in Adana since 1969, on the other hand, Erka Group’s experience extends to over 11 domestic centers throughout Türkiye.


Our partners consist of the leading firms in wood machinery sector all over the world. Some of these countries are Italy, Germany, Austria, Holland, Poland, USA and Taiwan.


The opportunities for skill, talent and innovation are plentiful within ERKA Group. We are committed to ensure that our employee is equipped to deliver their best. We will work with employees to develop and share skills and conduct our business with other stakeholders in accordance with the highest standards. 


Our company is proud of our commitment to offer every customer the best products and price. It is the key to our success in today’s competitive world and the decisive factor for reaching prosperity. We try to understand all requirements of our clients, cooperate with them for the exact definition of their requirements for the quality of delivered products while considering our production possibilities and the possibilities for our suppliers. We never promise anything, which we could not fulfill.


Mr. EROL KANAT is the Chairman of the company.  He has a bachelor degree in business administration. Mr. Kanat possesses a unique ability to quickly determine an organization’s strategic/marketing/product development needs in order to define competitive solutions in a timely and cost-effective manner. He and his family have been in the wood sector over the past 45 years. His foresight and vision has enabled the company to expand globally. He is constantly developing strategies on different ways to expand the business of Erka Group. He has been marketing products in different countries like Europe, Far East and Middle East etc for over 24 years. He is working to add value to customer’s expectations by supplying best quality products & services, to create a working environment for our clients where every effort within the company creates value for the company


Mrs. İnci İSTANBULLUOĞLU is the Foreign Trade Coordinator of the company and she has bachelor degree in economy. She is a leading project developing, strategic business planning professional with over 20 years of experience in new business development, strategic planning, internal/external communications and market research. She is primarily in charge of the company’s all operations including Import & Export, Planning Administration and Project management.


Hüseyin EKENER and Ali AKAR are head of our installation and service department.

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